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Want to Sell Amazon Gift Cards, which you have recently received as your gift? If your answer is ‘yes’, then here we shall show you how you can very easily & speedily sell amazon gift cards for some ready & useable cash.

Amazon basically sells all & its famous and always-demanded gift cards are one of them. Occasionally, you’re being gifted with an Amazon gift card you don’t really want–for some reason –and you would rather have its cash counterpart.

In a boring situation like this, what are you doing?

Well, thanks to technical wonders and the internet, you can get your gift card in many forms.

In this post, in 25 quick ways, we are showing you that you should not settle your unwanted gift cards & sell amazon gift cards and earn hard money in exchange.

So, keep on reading & earning easy cash to pamper yourself.

Check these 25 Super Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Ready Cash


You can convert Amazon’s gift cards for cash on this famous platform.It is available for sale (or for a swap on a gift card) for immediate payment on a gift card exchange near you.

You will choose the best deal and pocket cash (up to 92 percent of the value) within days from selling it on top of the gift card websites. You can swap it for direct choices to receive a much higher payout from tens of well-known supermarket gift cards. Three modes of payment are available on the website; Check, PayPal and ACH. amazon gift card sell

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


Now you can purchase and sell gift cards from various leading brands such as Macys, Target, Apple, AirBnB, Best Buy and Amazon. Both physical and electronic gift cards are available.

After the balance on your gift card is checked, you will be given up to 92 percent of your card value.

The payment choices include a paper check directly via USPS First Class mail within 4 to 5 work days ti your address or an eGift card that you receive in your registered mail id.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


Gameflip is an additional website which accepts cash Amazon gift cards.

The popular gift card brand here has Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

Sellers can list unwanted gift cards directly or on their smartphone applications on their website.

If a customer receives your gift card code, settles the transaction and completes it by ranking, the money will be credited immediately to your Gameflip wallet. Using your bank account, PayPal or Bitcoin to withdraw at any time.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


This online website is a common alternative to swap Amazonian gift cards for any brand’s cash. List online is what you need to do.  Raise reviews the data and balance of your gift card until it is listed online. When your card finds a customer, you are paid for it. Payments via Direct Deposit, PayPal or check. sell amazon gift cards

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You can pick the price you would like for the unused Amazon gift card on this webpage. If the price is appropriate, the website will return to you within 24 hours. If not, you will be given a counter that you can accept or reject. If your deal is completed, your credit card information and valid ID must be uploaded within 24 hours. Next, enter electronically your gift card information, or you can ship them to their US, Chicago address. The card is checked, and your payment is processed and sent to you via ACH once issued.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


This website has sadly no longer accepted gift cards of individual sellers looking to sell online. However, one of 400 offline stores in its network are still selling Amazon Gift cards in the U.S. and Canada. You just have to take your gift card and your valid identification to your nearest shop, and it will be checked & paid in cash.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


This on-line page-store claims to be selling unused gift cards within 37 minutes and adds that over 700 brands have sold in a year. If you want to sell your Amazon gift card here, you must first mention your card. While yours isn’t sold in the 37 minutes promised, the site confirms, that most gift cards are sold in a matter of hours after the listing. You can also pick several safe payment options that include your bank account with PayPal or direct credit. Even you have the chance to swap it for a different value of the same value.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


This platform buys unused gift cards for less than their real worth and then provides thousands of knowledgeable customers across the entire country with a discount. This is a perfect way to cash your unused cards and make your earning (up to 92% of the card value). You collect your payment through ACH deposit, mail check or PayPal. You may also opt to swap a brand-new gift card from the available brands with your gift card.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


The platform provides discounted cards from more than 1,300 famous brands.  You have two choices from which to choose, if you’re trying to get rid of your Amazon gift card on this platform. They can either sell them for cash and earn up to 92% of the value of the card. Or exchange it for your option of a gift card to get even more value. In the 24/48 hours, you can also get a paper check sent to you, an ACH deposit, or a direct credit to your PayPal account.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


A safe, trusted and secure online platform for buying, selling and exchanging of gift cards for cash, provides this secondary card online marketplace. You must share your card details with them online in order to sell your card.

In exchange, you will obtain an offer which can equal 92 percent of your card’s value. The next move is to send your gift card when you accept your bid. After you complete the transaction, you collect payment via check sent by mail or by using PayPal via electronic mail.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


You can swap Amazon’s gift card for money on this website for great offers. You must first enter your gift card information online for your price estimates of your card in order to sell Amazon gift cards. You can pick from the available choices the price you want to sell your card. The average users of this website are around 94,3 percent selling their gift card – which means you could sell it for $100 if you have a $94.3 gift card. Payment option here Includes PayPal or a paper check sent to you.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


This website is a common option between sellers who want to cash their unused gift cards in Canada and the USA.

It is also quite straightforward. You must communicate your Amazon gift card information to the site, which lists customers interested in purchasing it on their website. You have a paper check or paypal credit to make up 92 percent of your gift card’s value until the card is sold.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


This website is the largest gift card exchange site in the Amazon world. Just enter the appropriate details on your Amazon gift card in exchange for your card.

You need to include more information, such as your claim code, card balance, PayPal account details and your email identification, if acceptable, and then checking it.

You will receive the money directly into your PayPal account after your card balance and your other information have been checked.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards


The first thing that you must do on this website is to press the Sell tab to find out what your Amazon gift card costs for MGC. Then enter the actual value of your card, the original balance, and then press the Sale button if you’re ok with the price offered. You must ship it to them at your own expense if it is a physical card. Upon receiving and checking your card, they will pay you via check/paypal/dwolla within 3-5 business days.

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There are many other avenues to Sell Amazon Gift Cards

 15. Reddit

This content-forum is also fitted with a trading line (a subredite), which enables you, for free tangible goods or service, to exchange things such as Amazon Gift Cards. List your Amazon gift card on their site and wait for a suitable trading bid.

However, before you get excited about this new idea you can read all of the rules on the sidebar before you register your gift card.

Click here to reach the tradeline of Reddit

16. CoinStar

Find a CoinStar Kiosk nearby by clicking here to sell amazon gift cards.

You’ve also seen those devices in sundry stores that turn your loose change balances into bills. Cardpool–one of the leading players in the purchase and distribution of gift cards–has taken over the devices ever since. You just must take an Amazon gift card to the Cardpool kiosk nearest you and enter the card and your identification details. The bid for your gift card will be displayed then (up to 85% of the card value). When you accept the bid, you must enter the card and collect the cash. Instead the transaction can simply be cancelled, and you can leave.

17. eBay

This famous website can be tried to sell gift cards from the Amazon. Now you must note a few things before you start the listing. The listing (and sale fees) can take place so that the price is calculated after consideration of both. If you have a physical gift card  and you live in another town/state there may even be delivery cost.

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18. Craigslist

A buyer for your unused Amazon gift card can be quickly found by simply selling it on the Craigslist. You might have to check the balance of your card in its presence when you encounter a possible purchaser. The benefit is that you can have a buyer from your own neighbourhood, plus you will be paid in hard cash (without a transaction charge deducted from other online sites). However, if the buyer is unknown to you, please make sure that you meet him/her in public and then collect the cash payment.

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Letgo is one of the leading applications for locally purchasing and selling things/stuffs.

It is often visited by buyers, usually from the same district (and sellers). It is very easy too. First, download the app and list your Amazon gift card. Now wait for the probable buyer as there is not any standard precautions like even apply here–if you do not know the buyer.

Click here for to Sell Amazon Gift Cards

20. Facebook

You probably know the many buy and sell groups that are on this famous social network if you are already on Facebook. Listed on one or more of these groups of your Amazon gift card might be a great way to find a customer. However, try to take care to protect yourself from possible scammers. Also, you can create one message-to sell Amazon gift cards and share them with friends and family.

21. Contact Amazon

Did you consider selling your card back to Amazon? Maybe they would like to buy it back from you and all you need to do is ask. They could turn you down, but what is the worst-case scenario? But if they say so – yes, you will get the full cash value for your gift card back.

22. Cryptocurrency Exchange

Were you aware that you could also swapp your unused Amazon gift card for cryptocurrency? There is a famous website, called PURSE , which can help you to do that very easily. It’s a website exchanging gift cards for Bitcoin only with Amazon. There are buyers who want to purchase Amazon’s items. with your gift card, you can buy that stuffs from them. Once a transaction is final,they open an Escrow account and deposit the cash. After all when you understand the Bitcoin, the person receives his Amazon goodies.

Click here for PURSE to Sell Amazon Gift Cards

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23. Give a Gift To your family and friends

Are the next calendar days of your friend’s birthday? Or maybe the marriage anniversary of your parent?  

You always purchase an outstanding (and expensive) present right in both scenarios?  This time do something different & new. Please think of giving them the Amazon gift card and save time, effort and money in the transaction. Also, they can buy whatever you want to buy for them on their wish. You can save more than a dollar in this case and nobody must know.

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24. Do Little Trading (trust me It is Interesting)

Please use of the gift card to buy cool things from Amazon and then sell online, for a smooth benefit. There are plenty of online webpages & groups where you can list that product the sell it. The most important benefit is that you don’t have to sell your gift card for a discount but here you make a good profit. Moreover, you also receive cash incentives if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member. How do you look like that? Then please go for it & enjoy!

25. Buy Items of Your Genuine Need

Another interesting idea is that while Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of items in various categories online & this also involves a variety of everyday supplies, such as soap, food, accessories, clothes, etc.

So you can use your gift card to buy something for yourself – you donate money to your bank account for FREE and in return, which you also used to pay for – to do what you liked.  This will make good use of your gift card and encourage you to spend (or save) some extra cash in your hands as you see fit.

Close Talk

Please use the above ways & steps to sell amazon gift cards – either online or offline. Also comment if you know anything new to strengthen this article. All are welcome.

As this is the site for rich ideas of income, savings, investments,  so please comment how you like these tips & also include any more ideas if you have, in the comment section or on the MoneyDea Facebook page.


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