Ways for Females to Make Money Online

27 solid ways for Females to Make Money Online : So before I get into the 27 nitty-gritty ideas, let’s establish two very important factors that you should consider prior to choosing your preferred online business venture.

Know what you’re talented in, care about, and passionate in. You should ensure that you are committing to something worthwhile, especially if this business venture is a part-time deal whilst working full-time. One way to do this is by listing out all the things you truly care about or are interested in. After looking at this list, cross-check with your abilities to narrow it down to your best capabilities so that what choice becomes profitable for you. For instance, I have a great love for cute knitwear. However, I either can’t do it or lack the necessary abilities. This is an obvious example of what not to move forward with my business.

For online income, another example could be craft items that are just too time consuming and make for low return value. Since your profit in time is hard to calculate, it is best you sift through the ideas list once again to justify what other online ventures you can pursue for a decent investment return.

With my experience, I sell my marketing skills to SMEs who require consultation for their business. I realize there are other options who claim to be professionals and for a much lower price on this platform but I am not willing to undervalue my thirteen years of experience just to be able to compete with the rest. I know the value of my time in the corporate world and that is what I charge in my freelance work as well. While I’m not earning a lot of business, I am earning the best return for my time.

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iqua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px; color: #0000ff;">Why women need to be financially independent & make money

For too long, the role of a woman has been established by her relationships with men in her life.But we saw a positive change away from the chauvinist model over the last twenty or thirty years.As discriminatory barriers are lifted, women rise to the top of their chosen areas, including historically dominated bastions such as research, industry, policy and, naturally, finance.But in the face of fact on the field, women’s financial freedom is still far away.Nowadays, many women have to live their retirement lives alone because of their longer lifespan or separation from their husbands. Therefore, women will at some stage in their lives have to manage their financial situation alone.

What is & Why to make money online

qua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">You want to make money without leaving home?More and more people are finding ways of making money online.Some take their turn to make some extra money, while others build internet companies that are their full-time work.Since there are growing numbers of people who leave work for remote work in your office wherever you open your machine.


27 Solid Ways for Females to Make Money Online

qua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">Here to inspire females to take the lead and be your own boss.

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1. Resume Writing & Selection Criteria Writing

A recruiter often takes just a few seconds skimming through an application to decide to move forward with the candidate or not. Hence, there is a profitable market for writers that can help a candidate develop a unique resume to nail that interview. Additionally, it can also be overwhelming for someone to complete long forms such as positions in the public sector that require a selection criterion to be completed. You might not need specific certifications to be write or rewrite resume for others, but this is best suited for those who are in the recruitment field or those with excellent writing skills.

2. E-Boutique (Sell Your Creativity)

These days, for online income, it takes only a few steps to build your own online store and integrating it with other useful tools like Shopify, Woocommerce and WordPress. Designing a front for your website is also as simple as one-two, click with ThemeForest and Elegant Themes. And then comes the marketing section of your brand which can be done for a good deal via social media like Facebook and Instagram. But before charging headfirst into your business ordeal, thorough research is often required. For example, the toddler clothing niche is getting more and more attention these days so find an item with a bit less competition so your business can grow.

3. Freelance Writer (Sell Your Writing Contents on Anything)

Are you a creative person with a flair for writing? Freelance writing could be the path for you for online income. And as you build your standing in the writing community, it’s possible to turn it into a career instead of just part-time. Try taking a writing course, Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Biz, by Gina Horkev to see if writing is for you. Horkev used to freelance for about six months where she took home above the $4000 threshold per month and finally stopped her full time job.

4. Content Writer (Show & Sell Your Business Writing Skill)

For online income, a copywriter is similar freelance writing. The only difference being the target audience. I, too, offer to write for the sole purpose of marketing. That is to create content for SME businesses which include blog posts, Facebook ads, webpage content as well as ebooks. Anyone can venture into this field but those with a strong marketing and related background and experience are paid significantly more.

5. Proof Reader (Help World with Your Technical Language Skill)

Doing freelance work in this field can earn you a decent profit aside from having a variety of topics to proofread. There are those who may want to associate with a blogger who needs such a service or become an expert in a certain topic. Freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr are great places to start and build up a portfolio and earn loyal customers.

6. Multi-level Marketing (Sell Your Team-building Salesmanship)

It would be negligent of me not to include this idea for online income, even if it doesn’t particularly attract my interest. A multi-level marketer basically distributes products, sells the same while all recruits others into the team in tandem. The term “Avon calling” or customary hosting parties has since been replaced by the age of internet by using online platforms as their modus operandi from the comfort of their home.

7. Website designer (Sell Your Designer & Software Skill)

It isn’t rocket-science to know how to design a website, especially when about a quarters percentage of the internet uses WordPress as their main website. There are many online courses available to the average person to learn from. These courses mainly familiarise you with developing user-friendly sites for SMEs. This could be an option for you if you have a personal website to navigate and use. The design of an easy-to-navigate website takes literally no time, and I highly recommend Elegant Themes or Themeforest if you wish to design such hassle free, beautiful websites.

8. Graphic Designer (Sell Your Animation Skill)

The minimum requirement of a graphic designer would be to have some knowledge in design. As a recommendation, familiarise yourself with Adobe Illustrator and other design software or have a strong foundation in the basics of graphic design. 

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9. Virtual Assistant (Support Your Support Skill)

Do you have a good eye and are particular with bookkeeping and ministration? A virtual assistant, or typically abbreviated as VA could be the right thing for you to do. It’s a joy for those who like to do challenge themselves with different things and multitask. One course you can take would be Gina Horkey’s FREE Jumpstart to a Career in Virtual Assistance.

10. Social Media Manager (Sell Your Digital Marketing Skill)

Those with have taken marketing courses, or have a strong background in marketing can try a hand at managing social media accounts for small businesses. Many corporations are looking to engage with their consumers via this outsourced service. As a manager overlooking client social media account, your task is to build up the brand online, aside from being familiar with different social platforms.

11. Webstore (Etsy) (Arouse Your Entrepreneurship)

The ever so popular Etsy store can be a great alternative for those with crafty hands able to create beautiful items. Just imagine the clientele you would have if you had an online platform aside from selling at your local market! Furthermore, no upfront payments required to set up for an Etsy store!

12. Maintain a Blog (Ignite Your Writing Skill & Monetize)

Writing a blog in wordpress is obviously going to make the list since I have one myself. Just by acquiring a website and writing posts regularly, you are already blogging! My How to Start a Blog tutorial could help give you a jump start on setting one up. Keep in mind to link up with those who also write about similar things to you. By networking, you are able to build up a following. Once you have a stream of readers, you can start making cash by partner marketing, advertising and even lead to the birth of your very own book.ways for females to make money online

13. Start A Dropship Website (Sell Anything Online without Stock)

The concept is similar to starting an online shop but instead of having to order and have the stock gather dust in your room or apartment, you merely are the advertising platform for such item. Shipping and the rest of the process is carried out by companies like Amazon.

14. Be A Business Coach (Show Your MBA/Management Skill)

Consider this option if you are an expert marketer, psychologist or even business. With platforms like Skype, you are able to offer this service to anyone and everyone across the globe. This alternative is great to charge better per hour. However, keep in mind that having personal sessions with clients can also be scalable up to an extent.

15. Sell Online Courses (How to Do Things)

Those who are experts in a particular subject with a niche or a marketable audience should consider being paid to have your knowledge shared. Read article from Kate Toon to get an overall look on how you can create a course. I, myself, am in the process of putting together a course which I can advise is taking quite a significant amount of time. But do bear in mind that once created, you would only to update the book from time to time and the course can be sold numerous times.

The best platform for this is Udemy, TakeLessons, Skillshare. Create with written tutorials, PDF downloads and videos

16. Writing an E-book (Anything Your want write & show)

Similar to the above-mentioned suggestion. Writing an e-book possibly takes less time compared to creating a course as it is not as detailed. But they do, however, sell for a lower amount and is viewed as a good way to start brand building. For inspiration, the Simple Green Smoothies sold $5 e-books and went on to make millions. Don’t underestimate the power of a great book!

17. Become A Domain Trader ( Trade with a passion)

You can likely to make millions off of trading domains & you can still do business in domain & best platform to affiliate is godaddy

18. Become a Partner

Partner or commonly affiliate marketing is basically a referral programme for other brands and should a customer purchase from you, you receive a cut from the profit. Many bloggers, who require initial approval, are thus in the affiliate programme as a means to generate revenue.

Take for example, you might want to start a blog about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant (as a start to your VA career) and other resource that helps businesses consume less time. The resource in turn could be partnership links to Xero and Active Campaigns that grants you a commission from the new sign ups!

To master this part of the side hustle, I recommend Amazon’s Affiliate course in Marketing. 

19. Online Tutoring (Teach Anything You Know) – Best Ways for Females to Make Money Online

Tutoring online is another good option is you have certain skills such as teaching algebra or the guitar. Tutoring may commonly be done in person, but there is an open market online for those who are living in secluded areas. Imagine the satisfaction of offering English lessons to those living across the vast ocean!

You can use the platform like Tutor.Also, The Cambly website allows you to speak to people worldwide & teach them & get paid.

20. Photography (Sell Your Photos)

Have an eye for detail or aesthetic photos? Considering selling photos or being a stock photographer for Unsplash, iStockPhoto, Shutterstock and etc. Each time a person or company decides to license your photo, you earn royalties. Take the hobby a step further by creating an online portfolio to earn more calls as a photographer.

21. Freelance Travel Agent (Help worldwide Travellers & Monetize it)

For this job type, it’s best to have knowledge on being a travel agent.

Here you can check few companies where you can start your work.

# Introtravel in the tourism business acknowledge the strength in having a workforce that is flexible so look out for these opportunities! 

# Place your experience and become a travel consultant with The Travel Institute

# Register at Cruise Planers that hires and trains consultants to work not only on board cruises but also for all kinds of travel –on land and on shore –can also be charged a fee.

22. Do It Yourself Tutorials (Sell Your Skills)

If you’re great at doing something with your hands or anything at all, why not generate some revenue by teaching newbies on how to get something done? Look at the DIY network to call for inspiration.

23. Making Seasonal Cards (Sell Your Creativity)

Greeting cards have a market for a place like Etsy. Also, certain companies that publish these cards will also allow you to submit your own poetry and if they like it, will pay you! You can try this platform

24. Language Translation

If you speak more than one language with a good command in grammar and spelling, consider becoming a translator. Check this platform & it will show you a few vacancies! Register here & start.

25. App Development (Help Businesses with your Programming Skill & Monetize it)

Okay, this side hustle is not an option for all, but it can be quite a profitable one! You just need some background knowledge and skills in building the application as well as market it to the right audience. If you are okay, please try this platform

26. Monetize Your Interests by Creating Podcast

Many people now successfully use podcasting for their companies and for themselves as individuals as additional revenue source.

While podcasts continue to explode in popularity, more and more people are diving in head-first and producing new series, in an attempt to leverage themselves while industry experts, create an audience, interact with more influencers, create personal brands and raise visibility for their companies.You can make more money from podcasting, & can benefit from your show in different ways.

Please check my suggesstion here
# Get sponsorships for Podcast — earn with the CPM (cost per impression) model
# Sell your Podcast products (services) — create book , audio-book & give people free (to start with). Gradullay people will use & come back to you. Create PRO-version of 6
# From Coaching through Podcast — you can coach personally or give consultation in their need.
Best strategy is to give a 30 minute FREE session to start with & then move them to PRO version.
# Through Podcast Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing could be a choice to take into account, particularly if your show is very technical and often features resources.
# Through Relationships — by making interview with the same & related people from the industry. Please take only those people who are related to your niche/interest only

27. Earn by becoming a Juror

You can become a member of a jury & earn as an eJuror. Payment will be there for you for reviewing cases, answering questions, and suggesting verdicts.
For reviewing and making a verdict for a case , you can easily get from $5 to $10 each.

Here you can check few companies where you can start your work.

# eJury is the best platform to work with, Click here to check.

# JuryTalk is an another place where you can register & start work 

# Resolution Research is an another place to start with 

# Online Jury Focus Group of OnlineVerdict is the other one , start here to register

# Another one is Jury Test , you can check here 

various ways for females to make money online

Post Script

These are 27 solid ways for females to Make Money Online. Now, are you tempted to get to grinding now? Or is there a hurdle along the way, not allowing you to pursue any of the options above?

As this is the site for rich ideas of income, savings, investments, so please comment how you like these tips & also include any more ideas if you have, in the comment section or on the MoneyDea Facebook page.


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