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There are many places where you can sell shoes online for your  secondhand and unwanted ones. This is why we have compiled this list of the top places to sell shoes and other unwanted items for cash online and locally.

Shoes and other footwear are often purchased for special occasions or to match a particular dress. We tend to forget about the shoes once the event is over or the dress has worn out. They sit in our closet gathering dust, unattended. Over time, these shoes become soiled and no longer useful.

Sell shoes online and offline for cash has many options we have discussed here in this post, please read until the end.

There are many places you could sell your used shoes, or those you don’t use anymore. You can sell everything from casual sandals to formal shoes, as well as ethnic footwear and sports shoes.

This article will show you how to sell shoes online. It also shows you where to buy shoes offline.

Selling used shoes is a smart move for Cash

Selling used shoes is a smart move for Cashour shoes. Here are some reasons to sell your old shoes.

You get instant cash. You can trade off your old shoes to exchange them for newer ones. Shoes need a lot of care. You might not have the time or energy to do it. Molds can cause damage to expensive shoes if you live in humid or wet areas. Sometimes shoes become too small for us due to weight gain or other reasons. We don’t wear certain types of shoes anymore, and some styles go out of style.

It’s a waste of money to buy those shoes. We can declutter our home and closet by selling old shoes. There are eight reasons why you should sell your shoes. If you have a lot of shoes you don’t use, you should sell them as soon as possible to make money so you can buy newer models. You can also save the money and invest it.

The best place to sell shoes online for cash

The best place to sell shoes online for cash palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">We now have to answer the crucial question: Where can I sell my shoes to make money? It’s easy to sell your shoes online and get money almost immediately. Here are some places you can sell your shoes online to get cash, or exchange them for gift vouchers that allow you to purchase newer models.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is a trendy marketplace. They allow you to only sell exclusive products through their marketplaces. If you are selling top-quality shoes, you might consider opening an Etsy marketplace. An Etsy marketplace allows you to sell handmade and made-to-order used shoes.

To sell your shoes on Etsy for cash, you will need to subscribe to a monthly service. Next, you can open a marketplace with any catchy name.

Upload amazing photos with attractive descriptions and the asking cost. Your shipping and return policies should be included for customers. To get your money, you can use PayPal or any other payment system on Etsy.

2. Shopify

You might consider selling your shoes if you have a large collection. Shopify is the best platform to sell shoes online. Shopify, an ecommerce platform that allows anyone to sell anything online through their own marketplaces, is something you might be familiar with.

Your Shopify marketplace should have a catchy name. Upload great photos and descriptions of your shoes to Shopify. You should also mention your asking price and return policy, as well as the shipping terms and conditions. You can also set up your own payment system using Shopify via PayPal or other payment gateways.

Shopify offers a free week-long trial. This trial period can be used to create an online shop and gauge how customers respond to your shoes. If it is satisfactory, you can sign up for a subscription to sell your shoes in cash.

3. Facebook Marketplace

The best place to sell shoes online for money is Facebook Marketplace It’s also free to sell your used shoes on Facebook Marketplace. Selling your shoes on Facebook Marketplace can lead to a lot of buyers.

You can access Facebook Marketplace by clicking on the store icon if you have a Facebook account. You can register as a seller here and upload incredible photos and descriptions of each pair. Mention the asking price. Include whether shipping is included in the asking price.

Facebook Marketplace displays your ads in 100km radius of your location. There are high chances that someone will purchase the shoes in your local area. If you’d like to test the shoes, they could come to your home and make payment. They might ask you to ship your shoes. PayPal allows you to receive money.

4. eBay

eBay has been the preferred destination for people who want to sell used and pre-owned products for decades. eBay is the best place to sell shoes. Registering as an eBay seller is easy. Sign up as a seller using your email address and complete the online registration form.

After you have registered as an eBay seller, you can start listing your shoes using accurate descriptions. Mention your asking cost.

To sell shoes online, you will need to agree to eBay’s shipping & returns policy. To start selling on eBay’s website, you don’t have to pay anything. They do charge a small commission for each successful sale.

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5. Craigslist

Craigslist, the ever-popular place to sell shoes online for money, is an excellent option. Craigslist allows you to sell all types of shoes, no matter if they are high-end or mass-produced.

You must create a free account to sell your shoes on Craigslist. Make sure to take great photos of your shoes and write excellent descriptions. You can also include a price and place an ad in a classifieds section.

There are many inquiries that you can receive so be sure to have a separate email address for these purposes. Don’t give out your telephone number unless you are absolutely required.

You have the option to choose where you want to sell your shoes, and set your terms and conditions of shipping and returns. Craigslist is a free website that allows you to post classified ads. You don’t have to pay any commissions.

6. Amazon Warehouse

Many of you might be surprised to learn that this is possible. Amazon Warehouse allows you to sell used, open-box, and refurbished products. Amazon Warehouse allows you to sell a wide variety of products, including electronics and furniture. You can also sell shoes you have never worn, if they are in their original packaging.

You will need to create an Amazon Warehouse seller account in order to sell on the platform. It’s very easy to do as all you need is an email ID and some basic information.

You will need to accept the Amazon terms and conditions. This includes their returns policy and payments. After the returns window closes, Amazon will pay you the money. They also charge a small commission if you sell through their site.

7. ASOS Marketplace

If you own more than 15 pairs of shoes from the past you’d like to sell, this is your most effective option. You can create an online store and sell your antique shoes there.

The tough part about this selection is the minimum of 15 items. This may seem like a lot but it could be that you’ve got that many pairs you’d like to rid of. Find out more information about the rules at the ASOS Marketplace website.

8. The RealReal

RealReal is a luxury consignment store. They specialize in high-end brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Armani. There are three options for selling shoes.

If the service is available in your region, you can schedule a free pick-up at your home. You can also ship your shoes to The RealReal using their pre-paid shipping label.

You could also visit your nearest The RealReal shop and give your shoes over for sale. The RealReal staff can also help you schedule a virtual consignment appointment.

RealReal has a team of professional curators and salespeople. They will authenticate and take photos, price the shoes and sell them.

You can generally expect to pay between 50 percent-55 percent for your shoes, as The RealReal charges a commission. You can choose to pay them by PayPal, bank transfer, or check. You can also earn an additional five percent by purchasing a store credit.

9. Vinted

Vinted is an additional online marketplace for clothes and accessories. It offers a wide range of footwear, with categories that range all the way from platform shoes to Wellington boots.

It’s completely possible to post your shoes for sale for free. You can do this by uploading a photo and the description of the shoes you’re selling.

Vinted offers a pre-paid shipping label for shoes. It will make payments through debit card, credit card, or PayPal. Take note that Vinted will charge you the commission of 19% (capped to $5).

To begin listing your shoes, start by downloading Vinted’s iOS and Android app, or go to Vinted’s website. Vinted website. Sell Shoes Online 2 e1632118487462

10. is my first choice for selling shoes online. is a great place to sell shoes online. will connect you to a professional in your field who they call a ‘Pro Seller’.

A Pro Seller is actually a combination of a curator and a seller. They can tell you how much each pair of shoes is worth. Pro Sellers will promote your shoes for you. After every sale, they will send the money to your account. They charge a small commission for this service.

The commission you pay is well worth it. These ‘Pro Sellers will upload amazing photos of your shoes and write descriptions.

They will also list your shoes on different platforms so that you can sell quickly and make maximum profits.

If your shoes don’t sell or you have any questions, you can request them back or give them away to charity. If you are keen to sell them, you can also lower the rates.

11. Poshmark

Poshmark claims you can list your shoes for sale in under a minute. Poshmark is both a website and an app that you can download for free. Poshmark is a free app that allows you to snap photos of your shoes and create simple, but interesting descriptions. Your items will be available for immediate sale.

Poshmark allows you to sell your used clothing and accessories, as well as shoes. Poshmark will accept any type of shoe, including branded or popular brand sports shoes. They will not accept any non-branded items unless they are able to find something truly unique, such as handmade shoes.

You can simply open Poshmark and take photos of your shoes. Then, you can write a description and set your price. Poshmark will mail you a pre-addressed, prepaid shipping label from USPS when someone purchases your shoes. Simply pack your shoes and drop them off at the nearest post office.

Poshmark charges $2.95 for shoes you sell at prices below $15, and 20% on sales above $15

Poshmark requires you to accept their return and payment policies before signing up. If the buyer does not return your shoes, you can get the money within three days. The money can be sent by check, direct bank transfer or PayPal.

12. Depop

Depop offers an online market that sells used fashions for women and men and accessories. It claims that it serves the creative community. The company makes payments through PayPal.

For your shoes to be listed you must ensure they are in good shape. It’s completely not cost-free to list the shoes, however, Depop will charge 10% of the sale price when the shoes are sold. In some instances, Depop will also take an even larger percentage. If you decide to sell the shoes, you’ll be required to pay all shipping costs yourself. In addition, if the purchaser wishes to return the shoes then you’ll be the one accountable for the transaction.  Check here for Depop seller handbook.

13. is a great place to sell your shoes, as well as dresses, accessories and costume jewellery. This is actually one of the best places to sell your shoes.

You can request a “Clean Out Bag” through to sell your shoes. The ‘Clean Out Bags’ arrive at your home in about a week to ten days. Sort your shoes, wrap them individually in plastic or paper bags and then place them in the ‘Clean Our Bag. If you want to sell your items, you can add worn clothing and accessories to the bag. You must return the bag and shoes to via FedEx or United States Postal Service. Once the bag has reached their curators will inspect the items and determine if they are saleable. Only shoes that are resold can be listed on the website. According to the company will accept less than 40% of shoes that you have packed in a Clean Up Bag.’ Don’t be discouraged if your shoes don’t sell.

It is best to polish and clean your shoes before you pack them in the Clean Up Bag. Make sure that you can clearly see the name or brand of the shoemaker. Labels should be clear and easily read. generally accepts shoes less than five years of age. They will accept unique and handcrafted shoes in certain cases. This is because they are rare. will pay you immediately if your shoes are in high demand after you have completed the processing. If your shoes are in the luxury or branded range, it might take 60 to 90 days for them to sell. will only pay you on consignment or after sales in these cases. If your item falls under the luxury category or if predicts that your shoes may take longer to sell it will pay you on consignment. will pay you once the 14-day return period on shoes that they sell has expired. You can use ipt to get your money via direct bank transfer, Stripe or PayPal, among others

14. Dealo

Dealo is a platform that is believed to blend elements from Craigslist as well as eBay. You can post your shoes for sale at no cost. After the item is posted, you may sell it locally as well as nationally or internationally.The company offers certified shipping, so the decision is yours.

It may be easier selling locally however often, increasing the number of buyers guarantees that you will be able to find an interested buyer.You can utilize the Dealo platform with the iOS and Android apps, as well as on their website. sell shoes online 3 e1632119110326

15. specializes in men’s clothing and shoes. The website offers four sections that make it easy to sell and buy. The section ‘Grailed” is the top section and contains shoes from top brands like Armani, Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, Armani, and more.

The section ‘Hype” features trendy shoes from companies like Air Jordans, Yeezy, and Crocodile. The ‘Sartorial section is for high-end, classic men’swear and shoes. While ‘Core’ covers common brands and vintage clothes and shoes. allows you to sell shoes. To do this, you will need to create an account. To get the money, you will need to link your Account to your PayPal account. Next, upload pictures of your shoes and write excellent descriptions about the product.

After you have completed these steps, will place your shoes under one of the four sections. Your shoes will be available immediately. will send you the money via PayPal when your shoes are sold. charges a 6 percent commission plus fees for money transfers. charges an additional 30 Cents for international sales. requires that you take care of all shipping details and upload the document to their website or PayPal in order to receive the money.

16. StockX

StockX is primarily for streetwear and sneakers. StockX is not able to sell sneakers or streetwear like other websites. StockX uses an auction system instead. You can list your sneakers and other footwear on this website as a seller. StockX will verify that the winning bidder has received the sneakers. StockX then sends the sneakers to the buyer.

StockX charges a seller a three percent processing fee and a fee for selling. Your volume of sales through this site will determine the seller fees. StockX can pay you via direct bank transfer, PayPal or deposit to your debit cards.

StockX charges 9.5 percent as a sellers fee if you are a first seller. StockX will only charge 8.5 percent if you’ve sold sneakers worth $10,000 through their platform.


Tradesy is another great place to sell old shoes online. Tradesy is a great place to sell your shoes online from top brands and designers. Tradesy only deals with the most prestigious fashion brands so you cannot sell any shoe. Tradesy will allow you to sell any type of shoes from top brands and sports labels.

Tradesy’s returns policy is one of its most distinctive features. Tradesy’s returns policy means that even if you return your shoes for any reason they won’t ask you to reclaim the money.

Tradesy will send you a shipping package once a customer has purchased your shoes. You just need to pack your stuff and drop it off at the USPS or courier office.

Tradesy also charges a steep fee. After three weeks, you will be paid. Tradesy charges $7.50 for shoes you sell at prices below $50, and 19.8 percent for shoes worth more than $50.

You can pay them via PayPal, bank transfers, or debit card transfers. You will be charged transfer fees in these cases. You can also retain the money with Tradesy and use it to purchase accessories, clothing, or shoes.

18. is a great website for selling and listing your used shoes. This site specializes in casual shoes, including sandals, sneakers, and similar items.

To sell on you don’t have to own designer shoes or brand-named products. However, they can help increase your earnings. You can actually sell sneakers from any brand.

To sell your sneakers, you will need to create an online marketplace on There are no listing or marketplace fees. will charge a flat 8 percent commission for each successful sale. will pay you via your PayPal account. You will be responsible for the PayPal transfer fees. You can also create your own policies regarding returns, payments, and other issues through a Marketplace. This is a great website if you have many pairs of sneakers to sell. It is not worth the effort if you only have one or two pairs.

19. Heroine has Heroine, a website dedicated to Heroine. Heroine is a website that sells women’s footwear, clothing, and accessories. is only for shoes by top brands and designers. is a similar process to selling your shoes on Heroine. They charge the same commissions as they do for your shoes. accounts allow you to use the same password and login name to access Heroine. You can also use your Heroine account for

20. Mercari

If you are looking to sell your shoes, Mercari is another great place. You don’t have to pay any fees to register an account or list shoes. Mercari does charge a flat 10% commission for each item you sell.

One of the most important features of Mercari allows users to share their shoes listings via Facebook. You can also tag your shoes as a ‘Favorite.

You will be able to benefit from their simple shipping policy. Mercari will send you a prepaid shipping label or postage label when your shoes are sold. This is 30% lower than the standard market price. You can also handle your shipping. You will need to provide the tracking number.

Within three days of receiving your shoes, the customer must leave a review. Mercari will pay you after the review is posted online. Mercari will send the money to you within a week if the customer does not submit a review within three days. If your earnings are less that $10, they will charge you $3 per direct bank deposit. A deposit to your debit card is also possible, but it costs $2 more. sell shoes online 4 e1632119421907

21. is another online marketplace for selling old shoes. They specialize in designer and branded shoes. You can’t sell shoes made by unknown manufacturers or mass-produced ones in this country.

Although the website is based in the UK, you can also sell your shoes there from the US. You will be charged a listing fee of approximately $7 per item. They don’t charge commissions for your sales, and all proceeds go to your PayPal bank account.

You can sometimes sell non-branded shoes through To be able to sell non-branded shoes through, you must make your shoes unique and handcrafted. This is because the website strictly controls what products are listed for sale.

22. Goat is a great place to sell sneakers. This website is dedicated to sneakers only. This website allows you to sell both non-branded and branded sneakers.

It can be difficult to list sneakers for sale on Goat. At the time you list the sneakers, you will need the SKU number (Item Number for Shoes) number. This number is found on the label of the shoes or on the carton. It is not possible to sell your sneakers if you don’t have the SKU number.

If you are listed as a reliable seller you will be charged a stiff 9.5% commission and a special Goat seller fee. Your location determines the seller fee. The seller fee for American sellers is $5, while foreign sellers pay more.

Once your sneakers have been sold, Goat will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Goat will pay you via PayPal once the buyer confirms that the SKU number was authentic. You will be responsible for the PayPal transfer fees.

23. VarageSale

VarageSale allows you to create a virtual garage sale online. This service is available in both the USA and Canada.

VarageSale allows you to sell your used shoes. The website usually screens customers before they let them into your garage sale. To ensure only legitimate buyers are allowed to participate in the sale, they verify their credentials.

Sometimes, the buyer can negotiate the price of your shoes online. You will also need to pay for shipping and other formalities.

24. OfferUp

You can also sell shoes online like old shoes, clothes, accessories, and other items at home using OfferUp. This app can be downloaded on your smartphone within minutes and you can start selling in a matter of minutes.

After you list your items, it is up to you to arrange shipping and other terms. The shipping costs of your shoes are actually covered by the buyer.

OfferUp offers sellers a shipping label service. You will need to pay OfferUp a $1.99 per item commission or 12.9 percent of your total purchase if you choose to ship an item through OfferUp.

25. Storenvy

You can “envy” your products by allowing millions of Storenvy shoppers to access the marketplace. Your store will be more prominent in search results, trending feeds and category pages if you have more envy.

When new products are added to the marketplace, shoppers who “watch” your shop will be notified. The businesses with the highest activity are more likely to be featured. The Storenvy marketplace can be a great way to sell your shore designs online, especially for businesses starting out and not yet established.

26. 5Miles

Finally, 5Miles. It is also classifieds-based and verifies customers and users via social media like Instagram and Facebook.

There are many people who will be interested in your shoes. You don’t pay any commissions. You are responsible for arranging shipping and payment.

Because of 5Miles’ popularity, many people who sell shoes, clothing, and accessories use it. This website is also available. Register now for free.

27. Zazzle

Zazzle is a platform that allows you to design your own products and handles shipping. You can sell custom shoes, T-shirts and children’s clothing. Create a Zazzle account to upload your designs and select the products you wish to sell. Your design will still need to be resized and refined. You can set your own prices.

Zazzle determines the base price for each product. You can also set your own commission, which could be anywhere from 5% to 99% to determine retail prices.

Sell Wedding Shoes here 

sell shoes online 5 e1632120728350

Sell Wedding Shoes here y complemented your wedding look. After your wedding is underway, you might not need those gorgeous wedding shoes anymore.

If you are planning to sell your shoes it is important to place your shoes in front of other brides who are planning their own wedding. While you may still be able to sell some wedding footwear on various websites, however, you’ll have more chances of success with a platform that’s specifically designed for weddings.

28. Once Wed

Once Wed is a website on which you can advertise your wedding dress, shoes and other wedding-related products. You’ll be required be paid for listing your footwear, but there’s no commission once the shoes are removed from sale. When you’ve paid for the listing of your item, the sale will be up for one a year. Based on a given day, sellers typically list their items on sale for 25 to 50 percent of the value. If you’re having difficulty finding a buyer You might want to consider the possibility of cutting your prices. It is available via the site Once Wed website.

29. Smart Bride Boutique

it is a site that connects sellers and buyers of wedding dresses and accessories.

You’ll need to sign up for an account with the Basic level to Smart Bride Boutique to get started. Once you’ve created your Basic account, you’ll be able to post your items at no cost.

However, if you would like to see your products be displayed on the home page of the site then you must join an account that is Premium. The Premium account is $4.95/month. It might be worthwhile to make you visible to more people.

Tips to Sell Your Used Shoes

If you are selling shoes online, it is a good idea to list them on multiple sites. Your shoes will be seen more often if you have them listed on multiple sites. This will result in faster sales and more long-term revenue.

Ensure that your photos are accurate and high-quality. Nobody wants to purchase a pair “like-new” boots and find major scratches. It’s not worth dealing with return requests or getting negative reviews for shoes that didn’t live up the profile photo.

Before you begin looking for buyers, consider the condition of your items. Make sure to clean and present them. You might consider giving them away if you are unable to make them look good.

Be realistic about the amount of money you can make from your used shoes. Think about what you would pay if you were the buyer. It will take you longer to find a buyer if your shoes are priced too high. You can adjust your price and try different things to find the right price.

In conclusion

As you can see, it is simple to sell old, unused, or just plain worn out shoes. Simply choose the appropriate place from the list to sell your shoes.

The amount you make will depend on many factors, such as the commissions and money transfer charges that these websites charge aswell as shipping costs if any. It’s better to get rid of your old shoes than to let them collect dust over time. Consider these 21 locations next time you are thinking about selling your shoes for cash.

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