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Can you actually get paid to walk? There are many questions on the air. If you listen carefully you will have these follow-  How do you get paid to walk? Can I get paid for steps? How does walk and earn work? Is paid to walk app legit?

It is possible to make a side income from walking with a little creativity and technology. Entrepreneurial walkers can earn up to $1000 per week providing tours, picking up trash, and walking dogs. More ideas on Side Hustle Nation.

Two main ways to include paid walking in your daily life are:

serif; font-size: 20px;">Apps that track your activity and reimburse you for it.
  • Part of a job that involves performing certain tasks.
  • So now the questions are– 

    What walking app pays the most?  Which walking app pays the most?  What is the best free walking app?  Which walking app is best?

    Here are The Apps that Help You to Get Paid to Walk

    nt-size: 20px;">If you want to increase your activity, you can connect to an app on your smartphone to earn money for every step you take. Earn more by walking more. In some cases, however, the payment is not in cash but in goods or services. You’re still earning money for something you already do, so why not? It seems like an easy task! These all run in the background so it may be a good idea to install some to double dip on your walks.

    1. LifeCoin  (Can you cash out on LifeCoin?)   get paid to walk 8

    This app rewards you for running or walking. LifeCoin counts how many steps you take outside and converts them into LifeCoins. LifeCoins can be used to redeem gift cards, sporting goods and gadgets. To keep you motivated, connect with your friends via LifeCoin. For every friend you refer, you’ll get five LifeCoins. LifeCoin is available for both iOS and Android users.

    Sign up: Here

    2. FitFetti

    FitFettiIt’s a free iOS fitness app. There is currently an Android waitlist.

    This app allows you to earn rewards in credit and money as well as free products or discounts for achieving your weekly steps goals. Your sponsors are the companies and individuals who participate in this program. They are your source of inspiration and motivation.

    After you sign up, you receive your first sponsorship. Each week you reach your steps or active minutes goals, you receive additional sponsorships that allow you to access more items from other participants in the program.

    Sign up: Here

    3. StepBet 

    This app uses gamification to encourage its users to get more activity. This app is for you if you are competitive and enjoy challenging yourself.

    It works like this: You choose a game that will help you reach your step goals. You then place a bet that you will achieve those goals. You will split the “pot” with other winners if you meet your weekly step goals for the entire game. This means that you can return your investment and also make a profit. You’re out of the race if your weekly goal is not met.

    StepBet is compatible with both Android and iPhone phones. It can be used with many fitness trackers including FitBit and Garmin, Samsung Health (Apple Watch), Apple Health, Apple Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Garmin. Let’s get started!

    Sign up: Here

    4. FitPotato

    With the FitPotato App for iOS: Earn money running and walking.

    Once you have created your account, select a group and make a “Commitment.” This is a commitment to a set number of sessions or steps for a week. The Commitment is a one-time fee that must be paid before you can join a group.

    To be eligible for the weekly prize, you must use the FitPotato App to sync and track your activity. You will receive the weekly prize in equal amounts if you reach your goal.

    Sign up: Here

    5. Runtopio 

    Runtopia GPS tracker is a running application that can be used to track marathon training and treadmill workouts. The application functions as a mileage tracker, pacer, calorie counter, and even a heart rate monitor. It tracks your running, jogging, and cardio workouts and rewards you with products, free memberships, coupons, and PayPal cash.

    Sign up: Here

    6. Winwalk 

    Winwalk is a simple activity app. No GPS, no email, no login. The app is a simple pedometer that uses a smartphone’s built-in sensor to track both indoor and outdoor steps. Winwalk is a free Android app that gives you a “coin” for every 100 steps you take. You can then use those coins to buy e-gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc. The daily coin limit is 100. (or 10,000 steps). And you must manually collect your coins each day before midnight. You lose the coins for that day. It would take months to collect enough coins for a low-value gift card. Even so, you walk every day, so why not put those steps to good use?

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    7. CircleCare

    The app monitors more than your daily walks. This app offers reminders for medication, community monitoring, health condition monitoring, as well as a corporate wellness program.

    CarePoints are the basis of the rewards system. CarePoints can be earned from five categories:

    • engagement
    • Health monitoring
    • Health education
    • Activity
    • Medication

    50 CarePoints are awarded to you for achieving your daily walking goal. For reaching a milestone in walking, you receive 100 CarePoints. You don’t get points for each step.

    You are eligible for rewards once you have reached certain CarePoint levels. You can earn rewards such as travel, equipment, food and massage.

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    8. Achievement

    The Achievement App offers many ways to earn points such as walking, meditating, and logging meals.

    It connects with more than 20 apps to track your activity

    • Apple Health
    • Samsung Health
    • Fitbit
    • MyFitnessPal
    • Garmin
    • More

    For each type of activity, you can earn as many as 80 points per day. You can also earn bonus points by participating in “Offers,” which include surveys, health programs and research studies.

    Achievement pays$10 for every 10,000 pointsYou can earn and pay within one week via PayPal, direct deposit or Giftrocket. You can also donate your points for charity.

    Sign up: Here

    9. Rover

    Rover pays $20 for 30 minutes of dog walking in your neighborhood.

    You can make more if you board pets in your own home. Rover also offers many other benefits that will help you manage your dog walking business.

    • Support available 24/7, including veterinary assistance
    • You can set your own prices and schedules
    • Liability insurance up to $1,000,000
    • Ongoing pet care education

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    10. SweatCoin Is Sweatcoin real?  get paid to walk 7

    SweatCoinThis app is available for both Android and iOS. It allows you to pay to go outside. You don’t get paid in cash, but you can redeem services or products using the SweatCoin currency.

    How many Sweatcoins is $1? — It is calculated as 1 dollar equals approximately 20 sweatcoins.

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    11. Postmates

    This app is available for iOS and Android. It delivers groceries, dry cleaning and takeout to customers in less than an hour.

    You deliver food and packages to customers as a member the Postmates’ fleet. Once you have downloaded the app and signed up, you can start working whenever you like. A background check will be required. You will also need to provide proof of identity and bank details. You’ll then be given a delivery bag and a pre-paid card to pay for any orders not prepaid.

    There are no hidden fees and you retain 100% of your tips. Postmates pays per leg of delivery completed via direct deposit.

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    12. DoorDash

    DoorDash delivers restaurant meals in more than 4,000 cities across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

    Delivery drivers, or “Dashers”, can use any type of transport to deliver the goods.Your own feet.To transport, all you need is a smartphonedownload and use the app to begin.

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    13. Instacart   get paid to walk 6

    It will increase your daily activity levels by shopping for groceries for others. Instacart allows customers to connect with shoppers’ Fresh groceries delivered right to your door.

    You have two choices as an Instacart shopper. Either you can shop and deliver orders for yourself (car necessary). You can also shop in a store as part-time employees (no car necessary).

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    14. Shipt

    You can order items from both grocery stores and national retailers such as CVS, Petco, Target, CVS, etc. Shipt shoppers can earn as little or as much as they want, and up to $22/hour. You will need to have insurance and a car.

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    15. TaskRabbit

    This is an on-demand service for running errands. You can make money as a “Tasker” by doing real-world tasks such as delivery and shopping or mowing the lawn, among many other things that require walking.

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    16. Charity Miles  get paid to walk 5

    When you walk, the Charity Miles app will allow you to donate money to your favorite charity.

    Charity Miles tracks your movement – walking, running, biking, etc. and sends money directly to your charity based upon your mileage. The app has received over $2.5 million in donations to more than 40 charities.

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    17. Lympo

     LympoThis app is similar to Sweatcoin. You earn LYM tokens (cryptocurrency), which you can use for various rewards such as gift cards, tech gadgets and fitness gear. Lympo users are currently earning $401,635.62 as of the writing.  Lympo allows you to sync other  apps such as Google Fit and iHealth. You can also record your activity indoors and out. Refer friends to your referral link and you will earn 50 LYM tokens each.

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    18. Favor

     Using  “runners,” personal assistants, they can deliver anything to their customers. You will be running around doing errands or deliveries for $10-18/hour plus tips.

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    19. Earn money to distribute flyers

    This idea to walk door-to-door, distributing flyers to local businesses. You can start this flyer distribution business to earn100k per year by also taking a good walking workout. (20,000+ steps per day.)

    Earn money to walk through sponsored activity programs

    Your employee may be able to access a health- and wellness program through their insurance. These programs can lower the cost of insurance and improve the health of employees. It’s a win-win situation. These are some of our larger programs.

    20. UnitedHealthcare Motion get paid to walk 4

    UnitedHealthcare Motion(r)This program pays members to walk in order to make money for out-of pocket medical expenses and lower premiums.

    You and your spouse, who are both UnitedHealthcare members, can receive financial rewards each year for things such as copays and prescriptions. You can track your activity using a complimentary activity tracker, which is compatible with a mobile app. Each time you reach a walking goal, you earn money.

    Sign up: Here

    21. Vitality

    This program combines wearables such as the Apple Watch with a mobile application to track activity and reward members who exercise. You can redeem points based on how engaged you are for rewards, such as gift cards.

    Sign up: Here

    22. Humana Go365

    Some Humana members might be eligible for the program. Go365Wellness and rewards program

    Rewards are given to members for participating in certain activities, such as community events, flu shots, annual wellness visits, or taking steps. Reward points can be used to redeem gift cards at Walmart and Shell, as well as other retailers.

    Sign up: Here

    23. Is>23. Is cash for steps real?

    img class src="" alt="get paid to walk 3" width="292" height="417">

    Cash for Steps isn’t a scam but it’s not an app that everyone will like. You can download it and forget about it. You’ll start earning over time when you reach the Top 50 or when you achieve achievements. Each day, $1 is awarded to the top 200 walkers. You can also achieve goals by walking more. Each dollar is worth $1. 

    Sign up: Here

    24. Context Travel

    Context Travel offers guided tours to more than 60 places around the globe. They offer conversation-driven learning experiences to travelers. Guides can be professors, students or archeologists. They also include historians, archeologists and artists. Experts can work freelance according to their availability and expertise. Opportunities vary depending on openings.

    Sign up: Here

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    Tours by LocalsTours by Locals

    ivate, exclusive, personalized, and hassle-free tours for travelers in 162 countries.  Tours By Locals is a platform that helps local guides market their tours and connect with travelers looking for guides in their area. You can manage your tours, payments, and requests online, which frees you up to deliver tours. Tours By Locals receives a portion of the revenue from your tour bookings in exchange for their use.

    25. Sidewalk>25. Sidewalk

    ided walks that are free of charge. It is created by locals who wish to share their stories, insights, experiences, and personal information.

    Sidewalk allows you to create your own tour by creating a profile and planning a route. You can also share your walk on Sidewalk to promote it. Walks should be between 30 and 2 hours in length. Sidewalk earns tips and keeps a portion of them. Your compensation is solely based on tips. The more engaging stories and insider information you can provide, the better.

    Sign up: Here

    26. Rent a local frie>26. Rent a local friendget paid to walk 2

    ve it Rent a Local Friend. 

     This group of people shares a passion for travel, stories, and other cultures. It offers authentic experiences. Local friends, also known as tour guides or “Local Friends”, are journalists, chefs, photographers, chefs and immigrants who help tourists see the city and share their ways of living.

    As a Local Friend, you make extra money by sharing your own expertise and stories about your favorite local spots with others in the community who want to experience the city through your eyes.

    Sign up: Here

    Get Paid for Dog Wal>Get Paid for Dog Walking

    are great side jobs for people who enjoy being active and around dogs.

    27. Wag Walking27. Wag Walking

    ng dogs as a Wag Walker. In addition to earning money, Wag donates proceeds from walks to help homeless dogs.

    Sign up: Here

    28. Tailster28. Tailster

    t up your own pet-care business. Pick your services, set your rates, and work your own hours. In the scheme of things, keeping 80% of your money and giving the rest to others for administration, marketing, etc. only makes up 20% of your total earnings.

    Sign up: Here

    29. Rover29. Rover

    itting (or boarding in your home) for Rover users. Rover handles the payments and insurance and takes care of all veterinary costs, while you are in charge of setting your own prices and being available. Dog sitting is a serious business, with some earning $1000 per month. Dog walking and pet day care are both supported on the platform.

    Sign up: Here

    30. Business of Pet Was>30. Business of Pet Waste Removal

    up their poop, do you? You can begin your own business by scooping dog poop in your neighbourhood.

    Walking as a Caregiv>Walking as a Caregiver or Companion

    need help with kids, seniors, pets, and houses. While walking isn’t the only activity involved in caregiving, it can keep you active.

    31. UrbanSitter31. UrbanSitter

    and sitters via social media. You choose your own hours and retain 100% of your earnings. Top sitters make over $1000 weekly.

    Sign up: Here

    32. CareLinx32. CareLinx

    . Caregivers control their own schedules and pay. CareLinx also provides benefits like liability insurance, health insurance, and training.

    Sign up: Here

    33. Care.com33.

    e or other jobs? has quality caregiver jobs and benefits.

    Sign up: Here

    34. Honor34. Honor

    are. Payed caregiving experience is required.

    Sign up: Here

    35. Helpr35. Helpr

    that connects parents and sitters through an app. However, employers occasionally subsidise care. A minimum of two years of professional childcare experience is required.

    Sign up: Here

    36. Visiting Angels

    It offers non-medical in-home care for seniors. Caregiving allows ageing adults to remain independent at home. Achieving tasks isn’t enough for this You must provide emotional, social, and physical support to seniors while maintaining their dignity.

    Sign up: Here

    37. Sittercity>37. Sittercity

    ittercity offers senior and pet sitting services. Everyone on the platform connects every nine seconds. Typical rates are $15-20/hour.

    Sign up: Here

    Paid Walks as a Myst>Paid Walks as a Mystery Shopper

    real customer to gather market research. Often, the work is done in person. That’s paid shopping and walking!

    38. BestMark

    For over a decade, BestMark has been providing mystery shopping services to businesses in various industries. It requires you to act as a customer and complete tasks. BestMark mystery shoppers are self-employed and paid per job. Payouts are made three to four weeks after the assignment is finished

    Sign up: Here

    39. Gigwalk39. Gigwalk

    nages remote workers. Brands and retailers post gigs to promote their products or events. Gigwalkers use the Gigwalk mobile app to complete tasks. Secure payment processing is used here.

    Sign up: Here

    40. Field Agent40. Field Agent

    businesses in need of retail data, shopper insights, and digital product demos with freelancers looking for work. As a Field Agent, you use your smartphone to document retail operations, products, and customers. The app helps you find tasks like surveys, photos, and product trials. Tasks pay $3-12 & direct deposit to pay you.

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    Additional Opportuni>Additional Opportunities for Mystery Shopping

    – Choose from in-person, phone, or online mystery shopping. After finishing your task, take an online survey. PayPal payment 7-10 days after survey approval.

    Sign up: Here

    42. Market Force 42. Market Force  – Get paid to eat and shop in your area and report back via a mobile app with" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Here

    43. GBW Solutions 43. GBW Solutions  – Flexible work schedule allows assignments to be completed during lunch, weekends, or between errands. Payments are made in cash, purchase discounts, or reimbursements." target="_blank" rel="noopener">Here

    44. Intelli-shop  – >44. Intelli-shop  – Assignments include shopping, phone calls, and website visits. It takes 5 minutes to screen. Each month’s payment is made via PayPal." target="_blank" rel="noopener">Here

    45. Secret Shopper  –>45. Secret Shopper  – You’ll need a computer, a digital camera or scanner, and to be available to finish assignments by noon Central time the next day to get paid.

    goto=GAEAUApVWl1XAhlHAhAGUhUcAQkcFVANF1wGHxhbcxEABQJFBz0AFhsQUF87Gg4DFUUaNhsCHgAEcw0OBwY" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Here


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