blog niche ideas
blog niche ideas

You like the idea to start a blog. But you are not sure about ‘blogging career’.  You are also confused what to write about. Perhaps you’ve got an idea, but whether it will work you’re not sure.

Selecting a blog niche is one of the toughest aspects to start a blog.

You could be jumping around your brain with a million thoughts. Whoever your street-block is, I’m here to help you get full support in for your blog’s dream niche.

The 3 questions you will answer will help you learn, so that you can build a blog niche that you can grow, stick with, and even monetize.

And I’ll also share some tips on how to make a blog niche from the ground zero, as well as more than 100 great blog ideas to launch your own blog.

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nt-size: 24px; color: #0000ff;">Blog Niche – what do you exactly want?

Why are you searching for a blog niche? How is it even important for a niche website?

A blog aims to share your ideas and opinions with the world, isn’t it? And why can’t you?When they come to you, share your thoughts and ideas, more specifically your solution to their problems.

In essence –why do you choose one Blog Niche?

You probably won’t even know what a niche is if you are completely new to the blogging.

But most of the time that is the question

Your readers would not be involved in all the topics you enjoy personally.

It is therefore difficult to build an audience in this way, unless you can make yourself the blog’s subject.

If you stick to one topic, however, you can guarantee that people interested in one of your posts will also be highly interested in all other content.

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What’s the blog niche ? (a precious lesson-Don’t miss it)

erif; font-size: 20px; color: #993366;">“In a simple word, it is a very specific submarket component which serves particular needs of specific customers.”

Today, it’s a different concept for everyone what a ‘unique’ theme is.

See, most successful & popular blog topics from bloggers started out with themselves with many ideas- Health, Loss of weight, Wealth, Self-improvement, Health & Fitness for Busy People, dating, Relationships, Fitness, Self Defense, real estate, retirement, business,So, in all this, what’s the lesson? 

You need good niche market ideas of who your target audience is when you settle on your blog niche.

This is what I mean.

We had to know our target audience, rather than compose for someone who was playing.

Look at a case in point

Often, I ‘m asked if TECH is a successful market, so let’s use it as an example.

if I start a tech blog, if I start a tech blog, I will look into the different kinds of people who would buy devices for certain purposes, like- developers, work areas, freelancing areas, podcasters, experts…just like that.

Your topic might already be very detailed

You will be good at going if the subject you choose is unique, itself & having large volume too.

Consider your future plans too!

I try make the blog name relatively comprehensive when I start a new blog so I can widen my target audience without changing the brand name. (checkout our posts on how to choose a domain name and blog name ). Right after they start a blog, a lot of people don’t think it.

How can I get a niche website started if I am stuck?

px;">So the need is a ‘ BLOG NICHE’, please remember the quote, ‘The Riches are in the Niches’. blog nicheAt this point, please start your thinking, but don’t think too much about practicability for your blog niche. Arise with a wide list of topics you feel maybe blogging about.

  • You own house/ home/apartment/room – the objects you can see & any idea you have which is really looking
  • Your daily life—how that can inspire the peers & thousands of other people in relation to have a better life with yoga, diet, reading, meditation etc.
  • Articles & topics from daily magazines
  • Inspiring other blog topics
  • Ecommerce website products like in Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Alibaba etc.
  • Travel if you like

Now is the time to confirm your suggested list

Now, I hope you have some thoughts on what you want to write on. Then, to find the right one for your blog, you must verify these ideas. How exciting you are about the subject. How enthusiastic others are about the subject. If you can make money from the subject or not. niche website

Check these cautions for blog niche

  • Choose a subject you enjoy and think that you can market to make money, but no other person is interested in it, so you can never create income from an audience.
  • Pick some topic what many other people like, but you don’t, then ultimately you will have trouble writing future blog posts.
  • Go with a subject you love, and it’s got an enormous audience as well. But if it has no money generating prospects, you might be famous, but you won’t earn a living.

But then the question is, how do you pick a super graded blog niche for all these three criteria?  Think again.

And if you do not have any answer ready with you then please try to answer all three below questions fairly.

Question yourself, before Locking your Final Choice

00ff;">Q-1. Would I like to write continuously for one full year and more than 50 articles from now on?

This is most important one. The Internet has many blogs where people start(write) strong every week and publish articles for the first month or so. Then, it becomes year-long break between updates, new posts, also promise to write more often. I can assurance that you saw this kind of form repeatedly in many cases. Therefore, before finalizing your niche, you must look for only yourself if you believe you are going to be as happy to write in these following situations:

  • After the thrill of beginning a blog is over
  • It’s been a year since
  • After writing many (say 50) posts and finding new post ideas difficult

If your answer is still ’YES’, then please go ahead.

 Q-2. Are there other people interested in reading about your blog subject?

When you first asked it, you know that at least one person is interested in the niche on your blog. Now is the time to know if any further people want to take part in this info fun.

Fortunately, the query is simpler to address since it’s less looking for soul and more study.

But how do you know if there’s an audience in your blog niche?


Brainstorm Google Trends as a start for the most effective niches

The easiest way to get started is with the free Google Trends tool. This helps you to see two main data points quickly: If people are looking for your niche or not & also If the interest in your niche increases or decreases. This isn’t the deepest study, but it’s a decent starting point and it’s really simple.

Everything you must do here is:

  1. Find your niche(s) key term(s).
  2. Go to Patterns in Google
  3. Plug in your words Plug-in

google trend  

That above pic/image shows that, while interest in the fashion seems to have flat a bit, but it’s still a good  topic. Check ‘Interest over time’ by click for an explanation of what the numbers mean. You will have a better idea whether this trend will suit you or not.

# You can also use the helpful Compare Button to add different words when you want to get an idea of how common it is relative to other possible niches.

google trend compare  

Here in this example, I have shown FASHION vs TREND that both the niche is looking in same ways, but in deep by ‘average’ STYLE goes ahead.

Do some study on keywords (here I show how, very simple)

All right, so now you’ve got a rough picture of Google Trends’ success and traction in your niche. Since Google Trends uses relative numbers, however, they are not the best estimate for the number. That’s because you don’t know exactly how many people in your niche are now looking for words.

But you must go through the keyword analysis, a little deeper.

Fundamentally, keyword research shows you just how many people look for words.

So what you have to do here is:

Next, make a list of your niche’s keywords. If you follow the example of the FASHION from above:

  1. Fashion
  2. Fashion style
  3. Fashion Trend

Then take these ideas >Then take these ideas and submit them to a research tool for keywords like —  Keyword Magic

tps://" target="_blank" rel="noopener">KYFinder

this is the good choice that helps you to free quest. This tool recommends other similar keywords when you do this, which help you explore all facets of your niche.  Usually you want to have at least a few thousand searches every month for your key search terms.

It is very difficult to come up with a whole host of blog posts that people are interested in if there are not too many people looking for key words.

Below, here I am showing to search for a keyword ‘Fashion’ in the world’s famous keyword finder tool

Please check the

  • keyword,
  • place of search,
  • language of search,
  • difficulty of that keyword,
  • search volume of that keyword,
  • similar types of that keyword,
  • different sites who use & rank on that keyword.


Q-3. Can I make money by writing in this niche?

You can now know for what will go well.

Now you should confirm the niche. Welcome to your selected Niche.

You know now that other people will have interest in your topic as you are interested in there.

Now, it is the time to find out whether this thing will make you money to monetize it.

You can make money from almost any niche, if you’re innovative.

Some niches in the blog will often make more money than others.

So how do you understand whether and how do you make your niche cash?

So, please go for this – further investigation!

It >It is time to see now, how your niche makes money from the other who are in same niche blogs
her blogs make money in your niche. Go open a couple of tabs in your niche with popular blogs.  

Then walk around to see , what they are doing, actually

#Display banner ads or other advertisements on your website

#Write down some items with links to where people can shop

#Offer your own product for details

This below example I give you for your immediate idea of the probability of monetization.popular blog topicsSite name is …, it blogs on ‘FASHION’, & with the writing it also sells products in its

‘Shop’, it sells fashion videos-promos, it has fashion brand affiliates.

See famous Amazon products

Amazon is a monetization gold mine. Basically, you want to see if Amazon items can be of interest to your readers. If you want good selling items on Amazon, you can create/write high-quality blog posting in your own blog for those similar items (like- an eBook).

Look for big Affiliate Programs (for high monetization)

Affiliate marketing is a relationship in which a fee is given to you to refer people to their services or goods. Shareasale is one of the popular business channels for affiliates, but you might have a niche that offers great revenue, too. Check famous products or stores in your niche to try to find them, check Google’s “Shop name + affiliate program.”

Note: Need some help starting your blog? Be sure to check out my guide to creating a blog from scratch.

If all goes well, you should be in a position to find high-quality goods that you can promote and receive huge money through your blog.

You Can Create Your Own product (Most Important step)

These below ideas (moneydeas) can be excellent ways to monetize your blog niche.

Idea-1 >This approach takes a little research & time taking for quality work. But if you do this rightly and have a wide audience, it will really pay you off.

Idea-2 >Typically, like an eBook or an online course, you make your own digital product. You then market the product to your public.

Idea-3 >If you can also add value, either by teaching or simply compiling tools.

Are You Still>Are You Still Struggling to Find your Blog Niche? Moneydea Gives you more than 100 + niche ideas to start
a blog niche idea at this stage, and I’d like to help.

When you still struggle with a blog niche, here are over 100 + niche market ideas to get you on the track for good blogging.

Just make sure your target audience is always considered – particularly if your niche is very large.

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1.Diet plan, 2. Yoga, 3. Fitness, 4. Personal Finance, 5. Personal care, 6. Online Income, 7. Work from Home, 8. Travel, 9. Travel Gears, 10. Pregnancy

11. Freelancing, 12. YouTube, 13. WordPress, 14. Fishing, 15. Sports, 16. Golf, 17. Mobile Games, 18. Architecture, 19. Rummy, 20. Poker

21. DIY (do it yourself), 22. Local Business, 23. Pets, 24. Anti-virus, 25. Technology, 26. How To, 27. Outdoor Gardening, 28. Indoor Gardening, 29. Astral Projects, 30. Home Therapy (Natural Therapy)

31. Insurance, 32. US Policies & Protection, 33. Detox, 34. Car, 35. Motorcycles, 36. Online Course, 37. Book Review, 38. Mobile App Development, 39. Website Making, 40. Mortgage

41. Saving Money, 42. Stock Market, 43. SEO, 44. Jobs & Career, 45. Photography, 46. Coupon Site, 47. Living in Other Country (Abroad), 48. Mental Health, 49. Alternative Energy, 50. Dating

51. Marriage, 52. Music, 53. Job & Career, 54. Ecommerce, 55. Art & Craft, 56. Feng shui, 57. Technology Tutorial, 58. Study Abroad Guide, 59. Meditation, 60. Parenting

61. Self-improvement, 62. How To, 63. Poker, 64. Public Speaking, 65. Entrepreneurship, 66. Digital marketing, 67. HR Management, 68. Banking Codes, 69. Near Me Services, 70. Lyrics

71. Quotes, 72. Customer Care Number, 73. Free Converter Tool, 74. Wish Messages, 75. Price, 76. Free Downloads, 77. Forms and Templates, 78. Essays & Speeches, 79. Train Status / Flight Status, 80. Biography

81. Poems, 82. Amazon Review Websites, 83. Pin Codes and zip codes, 84. Stock, Commodity & Currency Rates, 85.Event Blogging, 86. Holidays Calendar, 87. Marketing, 88. Entertainment, 89. News, 90. Gaming

91. Beer and Wine, 92. Jokes and Funny Stories, 93. Drones, 94. Home automation, 95. Religion, 96. Environmentalism, 97. Sculpture, 98. Detox, 99. Hair Weaving, 100. Grooming, 101.  Activities for seniors, 102. Home Schooling, 103. Pilates, 104. Social Network Marketing, 105. Home Cooked Meal

As this is the site for rich ideas of income, savings, investments, interest calculations, choosing best bank accounts, choosing personal loan, mortgage and growing your money, so please comment how you like these tips & also include any more ideas if you have, in the comment section or on the MoneyDea Facebook page.

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