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To save in electricity bills, here to find out just how much you can save for the next bill cycle.

Sparking change for a better tomorrow

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might know that people everyday area purchasing home outside the city without depending on a loan. We noticed quite a distinction in terms of temperature controls between their spacious 4-bedroom home to their previous 2-bedroom in Sydney. 

Come one winter morning, the electricity statement arrived and surprised the family. The electricity bills turned out to be quite high. Seeing that people currently work remotely, they expected constant use of electrical home appliances would reflect in the bills. This was not accounted for back when they left the house switched off as they left for work daily.

Now, the situation of having irregular income has made them more motivated than ever to stick tightly to the home expenditure, like in electricity bills. Since then, they’ve stripped down to simplicity and this is how they salvaged tips and compiled them for those who are interested in cutting costs. This is the most working & fabulous savings guide Australia. 


Top tips for how to save on your electricity bill

  • Going darkTake advantage of nature! In New South Wales, springtime and daylight savings could go quite well in reducing those bills. I’ve been more alert to switching the lights off once a room is empty.

  • What are my options?Every year, I make it a point to compare the best insurance deals, but rarely have I given a second thought on getting deals for my electrical bills. So off I went, weighing my options for electricity bills, I need to check other options.

    What would have been time consuming research on various electrical providers was condensed into an effortless affair thanks to this website. This isn’t like choosing between sweets and chocolates. Electricity is energy and I’m out looking for the top deal.

    Breaking down how Electricity Monster works is as simple as pairing you with their agents who looks into your current toll, looks for the best tariff and handles the switch if you choose to proceed. Keep in mind this simple service is free of charge!

  • Unplug unused appliancesPreviously, I was always un-bothered with turning off devices and appliances at home when not in use. Safe to say, things have changed for the better these days. It came as a surprise to me that I have yet to use many of my appliances that were constantly plugged into socket which added up to the electricity bills over time.

  • Dry it outWhile the dryer is the simpler option especially when the weather is colder, I have been attempting to air dry the clothes more and more. From what I’ve read, you save more by doing so.

  • Consider going solarWhy not invest in sun harvesting technology that converts year-round sun into electricity? While the government may have reduced discounts for solar, it could be beneficial in the long run after doing some calculations to save electricity bills.

  • Don’t let the heat outOver the colder season, our big house felt mostly chilly. So, to remedy this, I did like my parents use to in the old days and used door snakes for insulation. Another helpful tip is to pull the curtains together to trap the heat while the heater is on to save in electricity bills.

  • Energy smart applianceWhenever you’re looking to procure appliances for your home, watch the star rating for energy. These apply to the refrigerator, washing machine, air-condition and so on. The higher the energy star rating, the more you will save in the long term.

  • A well-insulated homeLower your dependency on air-conditioning during summers and heating for winters by keeping your home well-insulated.

  • Think of your air-conditioning usageThe oncoming heat can’t be avoided. So instead of turning on the air-conditioning, consider using a stand fan as the whopping difference is very significant to save in electricity bills.

  • Choosing the right lightingIn our home, we use energy-saving bulbs instead of the regular incandescent ones. Aside from lighting up the same amount in our home it’s an obvious choice to pick the one that uses less energy.

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