Children Saving Plan

Bank deposits | Easiest Ways For Children saving Plan|

the conventional way of creating money for children is drying up as cash returns move downwards, but here are plenty of other investment choices for parents.

There are few other alternatives– 

A) Investment bonds/ mutual funds |Easiest Ways For Children saving Plan|

Buy bonds & mutual funds from the direct exchange by opening an account on your name (as your child is minor) for Save Children’s Money. Invest for a long time, at least for 15 years. You will see how the compounding factor will reap rich money fruits for you. You $1000 may become $100000 in these years.

B) Stock ownership | Buy stock/share |Easiest Ways For Children saving Plan

open a separate account with a broker & keep money in that account exclusively for your child for Save Children’s Money. Buy good stocks every month up to the 15th year age of your child. Surprisingly when your child will touch that year, you will find a huge amount, ready for him/her.

>C) ETF-exchange-traded funds | a collection of securities—

such as stocks can Save Children’s Money—that tracks an underlying index, commodities, bonds, or a mixture of investment types. ETFs can be traded with conventional broker-dealers and online brokers.

As children get older, parents can explain the portfolio and how much money it has earned over many years through the aggregation of reinvested income. Teaching children that they can be part of a wealth-generating task will make your job easy.

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