How much money are you spending every day ? Do you have this answer? 

Nine out of ten people don’t know how much they spend every day. We’re slipping into an unconscious spending pattern, we know what we’re taking  home the X amount , but there’s an illusion of how far it’s going to go as per our spending.When you spend more than your earnings on a regular basis, you need to start looking at where that money goes.Be aware of how much you spend daily, is a feeling.

Steps to monitor, measure & then control.

  1. If you love that daily coffee, by all means, enjoy it. But budget for it.
  2. Make a conscious choice about what you’re buying.Purchase your need not what you see, always.
  3. Every time you hold back from something you wished, please hold those unused dollars & add up those to a round figure & place that cash somewhere for a long-term effect.
  4. Look at and correct your financial weaknesses about spending.

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