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The Top 9 most common financial mistake

  • Unnecessary/Perky Spending

    le="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">Not once-Finish Payments
  • Active on Borrowed Cash

    le="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">Purchasing a New Car, frequently
  • Practice Homebased Equity Like a Bank

    le="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">Alive Pay to Pay
  • Not Participating in Investment

    le="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">Disbursing Off Debt with Own Funds
  • Not Having a Strategy/Plan

    style="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif; font-size: 20px;">But, this time I shall describe one of the examples of  this biggest financial mistake (also common financial mistake)  , a man did on purchasing property. He is a rich man.

    Whether it was a nutty investment on a Melbourne farm, or focusing on a Sydney apartment, I have still seen a great deal of money mistakes.

    Always beware of “tax effective” investment claims.

    Looking back at a person’s almond farm investment; he was proposed a good tax deduction in the beginning. He didn’t see the problem until he understood that he was actually purchasing a piece of asset that isn’t worth the amount he is paying it for.

    Remember , it will become common financial mistakes,  otherwise, there will be losses but cutting back on tax is worth it. You always expect that this land or asset that you’ve invested in would increase in value. This expectation is met with disappointment.


    So, here is the Solution for this common financial mistakes !!!!!

    What that person should’ve done was purchase property, an appreciating asset, and not focus on the tax deduction criteria.

    1. Only purchase real estate if you understand the calculations
    2. You cannot afford the property if you cannot afford the principal and interest
    3. Confusing disposable income with financial proficiency

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    Solution elaboration- to avoid Common Financial Mistake

    1. That man did not run proper research when bought some real estate in Melbourne such as costs, rental, purchasing costs, and other important questions like when it will start increasing in value, possibility of rising interest rates and so on. He only thought it was a good idea that there was an airport close-by, yet it wouldn’t be affected by the noise.There are reliable advisory who could do the number crunching for you unless you know where to put money , better into the excel model . By doing so, you would then understand when (and if) this property could provide a return on your investments.

    2. With the real estate in Melbourne, ultimately, he was not able to pay off the debt but only disguised this fact that the ownership of the property was supported by interest payment.The way banks work is not in having you pay for interest only; you should be able to pay the debts off in order for the bank to get back their money.Furthermore, paying for interest is only about 66% the cost of the payment you’re making whereas the principals would often go up. It would be a better deal to own said property instead of paying bank dues and fees. Crunching the numbers should be done with its’ interest and principals in mind. As mentioned above, if you cannot afford those, it means you cannot afford the property. The risks are too high and you’re sailing too close to the winds.

    3.Don’t make confuse your disposal income like expense part of your salary as your money capability. Actually your financial proficiency really means your liquid money, bank balance, saving & investments. With so many financial apps these days, you easily start tracking your spending each week. I can recommend many, personally.  So, this is all for common financial mistakes.

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