These techniques — from free to cheap — can keep glasses free from fogging.

This is not nice enough to wear a mask in public, but an annoying side effect aggravates the custom for the wearer of glasses and sunglasses. As someone who performs shows quickly will make the lenses fog with a mask. The warm air you exhale moves through the mask each time you breathe, then up and through your eye. The lenses are fog-shaped because they are cooler.

Luckily, this irritation will avoid the following corrections.

  1. Soap and water
    A research published in Annals journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2011 found that the removal of excessive fog is a long way off with a small amount of water and soap.
    One warning: although this technique typically requires dish soap, choosing a brand which doesn’t use lotions that can harm the lens is important. Water from Lukewarm, as hot water can also damage lenses, is also recommended.
  2. Place on the mask a little tissue

Newsweek says it removes moisture, which would otherwise find its way through the lens, by applying little tissue to the interior of the mask.The publication suggests that a folded tissue be put at the top of your mask and taped. This could be the best way to keep glasses free from fogging.

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3. Sprinkling anti-fog
Sprays can also be used to keep the lenses unbroken. Anti-fog sprays are available at Amazon. Remember that in some cases these can cause eye irritation, so they don’t work for everybody.
4. Glide your glasses down your nose further
You can prevent them from escaping hot air from the top of the mask by slipping your shows a little lower down your nose.
Possibly not the best solution for the long term, but it works in a pinch.

5. Adjust the mask to suit your face better
Finally, Glamour says that a mask that fits your face is less likely to fog. Then pin the mask at your nose if it has a wire within the top edge. Glamour suggests a course to help you build a mask with a “flip nose” if your mask does not have a thread.

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