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If you want how to start blogging free and don't know how to start, here we will direct you through the 6-step process of this article.

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Everyone search internet for, how to start blogging free , how to strat blog for free, how to start a blog and make money,blogging for beginners, how to start a blog business, how to start a blog site, how to start a blog in WordPress, how to start a blog writing & plenty of other things –> just to start blog on his/her own to work from home & earn online.

Yes, blogging can make it possible for you when you want to work for yourself and abandon your desk job or fly around the world.

Thousands of bloggers were able to quit their work, travel the globe, and earn their full-time blogging income. Remember, Such blogger activity can be done by anyone. So why not this time, you.

If you want how to start blogging free and don’t know how to start, here we will direct you through the 6-step process of this article.

Steps To Start Bloging Free

Step 1: Choose a correct niche to ensure the success of your blog (to take the first step to guarantee the success of your blog & to decide on your Blog what you’re going to write about).

ps://" alt="how to pick a perfect niche for your blog"/>
how to pick a perfect niche for your blog

This is the main part of the whole matter to start blogging free.

Build a blog about everything if you wish to build a blog that nobody reads. The quickest way to lose the game is not to pick a niche for your blog. It’s really hard to promote your blog and build your audience when you write about more than one subject.

You could think it might limit the growth of your blog if you define your niche. You will find it difficult to decide what to do next to grow your blog when it does not have a defined niche (area of interest/topic) for your blog.

To trust you in this idea, here are some blogs that have raised millions of dollars from the start and are now worth it.

Here is the list

  1. The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, $2330000, Pay Per Click 
  2. Techcrunch, Michael Arrington, $800000, Advertising Banners
  3. Mashable, Pete Cashmore, $600000, Advertising Banners
  4. Perez Hilton, Mario Lavandeira, $450000, Advertising Banners
  5. Noupe, The Blonde Salad, $200000, Private Advertising

Don’t you still trust me?  Please check here one example of a blog report from Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber created blog –> 

blogging income

Hundreds of examples I might give you, but I’m sure you get this at this time, already. You just need to build a niche to how to start blogging free if you want to turn your blog into a profitable enterprise.

Internet marketing or personal finance doesn’t have to be your niche. You can jump a Football blog or say cookery to your preferred hobby. It doesn’t matter much the exact subject you choose for your blog than choosing it and starting.

Do not attempt the market value, size, etc. to over confuse stuff.

Only prefer and start blogging for a niche in which you are confident & concerned. 

Here’s a simple exercise if you’ve not got a niche to how to start blogging free :

  • Take a pen and a piece of paper.
  • Write down the things/subjects/topics you know or want to read or write.
  • State all the stuff you know or are interested in knowing. There can be some personal sponsorship, self-amelioration, tennis, scheduling, etc.
  • Now cross all that sounds insufficiently exciting.
  • Continue to cross those ideas until you have just & just one subject/topic on the paper

To start blogging free, in fact, there are some helpful free internet tools which can help you determine if an interesting audience is present in aspecific field of your interest.

Google Trends – You can use this tool more simply and quickly see if there is an increase or a decrease in interest in your subject matter.

KWFinder – You may enter a “keyword” to see how common it is with this free tool. Any webpage people look for in Google is essentially a keyword. You can be pretty sure that there’s a strong audience because many people are looking for the subject on Google. Use the words you understand & describe your interest best, enter them and press Find Keywords in the file.


Facebook – Facebook is an excellent way to measure your interest in the selected topic. Seek to find Facebook groups discussing a specific subject and to see the number of active members. When you encounter groups with thousands of participants, it’s a positive indication that the audience of your subject is involved. To start blogging free is is the nice tool you can explore.

Even you’re still confused about how to start blogging free, then read & follow my writing, blog niche list’ with a detailed guide to how to choose a perfect niche for your new blog.

When you consider a topic, then only please proceed to the below next step:

Check our post on : Blogging Career – GOOD or BAD in 2021? Practical Analysis

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Step 2: Pick a name for your blog that you are not going to regret later to start blogging free

ontent/uploads/2020/08/generate-blog-names.png" alt="generate blog names">

There was too much time for most people to settle on a blog name. Trust me, at this point, it’s not really significant.

Nothing cool or unique or different must be your blog name. Give a meaningful name & go ahead. Eric Barker launched his blog ‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree’ with the domain name. Remembering the name was really hard, and was not cool anyway. But this is a very popular blog which every month obtains masses of readers. Also because he started this blog, Eric was able to publish a book under the same name.

So, once again, to start blogging free, the name of your blog doesn’t matter as much as starting a blog and building an audience. Even, if you can’t work out a good name for your blog, here are a few tips you can remember.

Avoid being a perfectionist. You’re not called upon to name a star or a planet. Here Avoid wasting time.

Jon Morrow has changed his blog name to SmartBlogger, BoostBlogTraffic. Per year, this blog receives over a million visitors. You can do that too if he can.

Try not to use a bad name. If you would like to use Hive, use Hive as opposed to H1ve even if Hive is not available. It is not just difficult to recall imaginative names that make it easier to create a brand in the long term. 

Hold it simple and clear. The better the shorter. It’s easy to remember short and simple. 

Can’t find your blog ‘s name yet? Launch your blog with your own name. You can write whatever you want under your own name.

A blog named John Doe will enable you, at any time in the future, to make a change to the subject of your blog, unlike the My Painting Blog domain name, which limits you to the subjects of the painting.

Choose a name and no longer be a perfectionist.

Choose > Right Blogging Platform to Start Blogging free

Dozens of free and paid blogging sites, including WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, and Movable Type, are available. People are spending hours trying to find out their blog ‘s best forum.

WordPress is mostly recommended for you to use.


To start blogging free, why is WordPress the best blogging platform?

If you dislike the incredible market share of WordPress, here are some real concrete reasons why WordPress is the best tool for starting your blog

Easy to run — WordPress is easy enough to use to publish blog posts even for non-technical people. It’s the simplest and has all the apps you ‘re ever going to need.
An immense community — WordPress is so common that support can be easily sought if you have problems. 

Functionality can easily be applied — The available ‘themes’ and ‘plugins’ are really simple to alter how your blog looks and operates without special technical knowledge. You can do so by simply downloading a WordPress Plugin if you want to add more functionalities to one day ‘s website, say an eCommerce site. Thousands of free WordPress plug-ins are available to help you add the features you want to your website. 

However, you should not use 

Be careful, There is prevailing confusion in  WordPress. 

In reality, to start blog, there are two different platforms called “WordPress”. – It is a profit-making company focused software, which is open source. You can create a simple blog free of charge on

But, remember-

When you want to start blogging free, your website is not entirely controlled and you never own your blog to 100 percent. You are not able to use WordPress plugins nor themes without purchasing a expensive business plan, then it will become difficult to customize your website. – The reason why I suggest for that is non-profit open source project created by an enormous group, with the self-hosted version. On your own web host you just install WordPress program, which means that you run your own website with 100%.The starting point is a little more relevant, but the payoff definitely deserves the extra effort. So to start blogging free, you can also make whatever tweaks you like and monetize them as you want, apart from owning everything.

We will guide you in this lesson through the start of a WordPress blog.

Step 3: Find and Get a Nice Domain Name and A Smart Web Hosting Provider

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Let me explain what the terms mean before we dive into this step and get confused.

What is a web hosting provider?

To start blog, your website is a folder of files, kept in some rack space, online. You simply download the homepage file when you open the web like in your browser. In order to put these files, you need space on the Internet. It is said as a server. You can rent server space from Web Hosting providers and without this server space, there wouldn’t be a website.

Domain Name:

The address where web users can access their website is a domain name. For computers to be found and identified on the Internet, a domain name is used.

For example, or

You will have to purchase a domain name similar to the name of your blog, to start blogging free.

These following are good directives to choose

  • Choose something important & relevant– Choosing a name that has some co-relation to your topic agrees people to easily comprehend the significance of your site.
  • Make it also Brandworthy – You want something easy to mark so people can keep your blog in mind.
  • Sidestep numbers or hyphens – Remove the temptation for hyphens or numbers to become imaginative.
  • Select a .com domain (most recommended) – While other domain extensions are becoming increasingly widespread, it is still best to choice a ‘.com’.

Would you need further assistance in picking a domain name? See our guides for more information on Attractive Blog names to choose and Brandable Domain name to Choose.

Only one person at a time can own each domain name. So you need to find one that is “available” in order to buy a domain name. You must consider a domain name that currently no one else retains. It may be a big task, but several resources are available to facilitate the work.

Next, to start blog , please quickly test if a domain name is present or not.

A tool, called Instant Domain Search is just as simple as you get it. Only type into the domain name you want and the tool will tell you whether or not it is available.

for example: if you search our domain name, then it will find that it is not available. 

domain name search

To start blogging free, you will have to purchase a domain name similar to the name of your blog.

If it sounds fantastic to find and purchase these two things, don’t worry. I’m going to lead you in the following steps for the entire next process.

For example, if your blog is called My Painting Blog, then you need to buy a domain like A domain name can be used in combination with the different extensions,,.net and more, of any letter and number.

Take a profound breath! In just a few minutes, I promise the whole guide process will be over.

To start a blog & host that, here, I recommend you go for anyone from my list (hand-picked and rationally selected), instead of a thousand web hosting providers.

Pick anyone from the below names as I have selected a list of must-have features in these best web hosting providers.

  • The free domain name included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited add-on websites
  • money-back guarantee
  • Automated backups
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Industry-leading Uptimes
  • Customer and Technical Support
  1. Bluehost — CLICK HERE To Get Special Bluehost – .95/month Unlimited Hosting
  2. Umbrellahost – CLICK HERE To Sign up for UmbrellaHost 1st Month at only Euro 1
  3. Hostwinds – SIGN UP here for most discounted  unlimited plan
  4. Dreamhost – CLICK HERE for Unlimited plan for life time

To start blogging free, now you need to follow these below steps to purchase a plan for hosting.

Step 1: Visit the price page on any of the above mentioned hosting company and choose a plan:

Step 2: Domain name selection.

choose a domain

Enter your blog’s domain name that you want to use. You can select something close to if the name of your blog is Fabulous Painting. Hold it simple and clearClick on the Proceed button once you are entering a domain name.

Step 3: Complete the details of your account

hosting account

Phase 4: Enter details on your credit / debit card

payment information

Step 4: Conditions to agree & click Proceed


>Step 5: Set Up WordPress, to make your blog live on the internet

ont-size: 20px;">Set up WordPress

wordpress setup

Choose software, start a new checkbox website and then WordPress. Click.

Enter your latest WordPress website’s admin info now. This form generates your WordPress site with a new Admin account. You can log into WordPress with this account and make changes to your site.

  • Fill up the Admin Detail for WordPresswordpress login
  • Check that your hosting account set up is completehosting account setup
  • Visit your new blog admin dashboard, click on the Go To Administration panel button: my account 2

  • Enter your selected login details and click Login: When installing:  start blogging free

    This is it. Just the first WordPress account has been set up. This URL, remember:

    To start blogging free, replace your domain name and visit this link with You can administer your site via the URL to your WordPress dashboard.

    WordPress dashboard-Quick Tour

    The WordPress dashboard for your blog is basically the control panel.

    Where you do the following functions –

    • Write articles for your blog
    • Pick the look of your blog
    • Connect your blog features
    • Abate the comments on your posts

    It is easy to reach your dashboard

    • Type & click ‘/wp-admin’ at the end of your domain name (example->
    • Log in with your id & pw
    • Once you log in, you must get this
    •  wordpress dashboard
    • Some of the major areas are here:

      • – This is the place by which, you need to actually write and manage your posts
      • – This is the place by which, you need to control your content a “page”.
      • – This is the place by which, you need to control your blog’s looks by “theme”
      • – This is the place by which, you need to fix related blog functions using “plugins”
      • E – This is the place by which, you need to fix the all related settings.
    Step 5: Adjust the theme of your blog to Capture attention of millions

    start blogging free

    Now you have a WordPress blog of yours,but you need to change the default theme to start blogging free. Although the default theme looks fine, it is not configured or optimized for your blog. 

    It’s just an easy theme to continue with, but if you need to attract many reader and focus on the content of the blog , then you require a catchy design of your blog and take care of the theme. No one will be aware of your content without a good design. While there are several WordPress free themes on the market, I like to use Themify on all my websites. It has all the characteristics you’ll ever need and is one of the easiest to use. 

  • Themify – with this theme style, you can alter blog style as much as you like with . Currently there are a number of premium developers on the market, but only Themify is recommended. Their themes provide a number of choices for customization. Themify Ultra gives you many different demo skins to choose from,  like Default/Agency/Ecommerce /Fitness/Lawyer/Restaurant /Wedding and engagement.


To start blogging free, If you want the theme FREE, check this

Here’s how you can find and use free themes on your blog if you are interested in using free. Select the Themes menu in the sidebar of the Appearance menu to change the theme of your WordPress site:     

 blog theme change  

There are plenty of free theme available ( caution: the free themes generally do not have many options to customize & support of those are also not good).

To find a new theme for your blog, click now the Add New button: Then, take your mouse and install the theme by pressing the update button.  The installation of the theme takes a few seconds. Once the theme has been installed, click the theme the Activate button. This triggers the topic.

Now, please visit the domain name of your website to see how your site looks.

blog theme change 2


Step 6: Step 6: Start blogging Free with your beautiful writing content example of blog

or content creation but a few more items need to be done. The first of these is to get rid of the WordPress sample post, page, and comment.

Remove the Sample Page & post  remove sample page

To start blog, Click first on your sidebar’s Pages menu item. You will see only one sample page on your brand-new blog which can be deleted with each one hovering over it by selecting the Trash option.

You don’t have to create new pages at this time, although you might want later to create a Contact page. We ‘re actually looking to get your blog started, which requires nothing but updates. Click on Postings in your sidebar and delete the sample post titled “Hello World”, just as with your pages!

Your blog is now fresh , clean and prepared for the art of your writing.

Make Your First Post

Let’s look at your first post formation. You will be given a screen like that shown below: Navigate to Posts > Add News via your sidebar. first post

Four important points must be made available for your first post (you can check our detail guide to publish your first WordPress post):

  • Build your post title

This is the subject of the “Add New Posts” field directly below. Sometimes, using the keyword is an excellent idea.

  • Write down content

This is included in the main text editor box which uses most of the screen. This is the writing editor, meaning you can see the changes you make to the editor using the included options (bold, italics, font sizes, links etc.) or insert media (images, video links, etc.). You can also view the changes you make with the editor.

  • Feature your Image, category and tags

Now it’s time to do it if you want to add a featured image. We also advise you to use the categories and tags (broad bands of posts) as they make it easier for readers to browse your website later if you have centuries of posts on your blog. 

Click the Publish button with these four items covered. That’s it – it’s so easy to create content in WordPress! While you can optimize and present your messages with a number of things, just that is the key to get started: to get started. Be concerned about the fine print, but get some content out of there for the time being!

  • Add additional functionality

You can connect it to your driven website with WordPress. Add more pages, add additional plugins, pick a new theme, add new types. Only Sky is the limit.

Go, go- Create &  Start a Blog!

Blogging is as simple as the six-step process above, and the learn curve for starting a blog is superficial if you first paddle instead of jumping deep into it. It is time to focus small thematic tweaks, new plugins and refine your SEO, but good blogging almost always returns to the content.


Most visitors won’t care about your design or fancy plug-in functionality as much as about your content.

Enter the heart of blogging, build and start a blog!

Happy start of your own blog & Happy online income while sitting at your own home !!! 

As this is the site for rich ideas of online income, work from home, savings, investments, so please comment how you like these tips & also include any more ideas if you have, in the comment section or on the MoneyDea Facebook page.


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